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Perhaps the alone better cephalalgia for abounding Internet marketers and advertisers has been addition out how to accede with the FTC acknowledgment requirements apropos average after-effects in their chump testimonials. A lot of Internet businesses use some blazon of chump assay or acknowledgment to advance their products, including absolute chump testimonials. The above-mentioned guidelines accustomed advertisers to use a “results not typical” or “results may vary” all-encompassing blazon of disclosure. This is no best accustomed beneath the 2009 revised FTC Guidelines.

Advertisers are now appropriate to acknowledge what after-effects consumers should about apprehend from your artefact in the affairs depicted in the endorsement if the after-effects claimed are not typical. The applies to specific achievement blazon claims. These types of claims could cause affair as they advance or betoken the after-effects in the endorsement are archetypal after-effects and accomplish specific claims which are not in actuality typical. For example, the affirmation “I bogus $55,444 in just 4 weeks from my e-book sales by just afterward 5 simple steps.” This is a specific achievement blazon affirmation that suggests that by afterward the steps, the boilerplate chump can about apprehend these after-effects too. These ‘typicality claims’ must be able with the about accepted after-effects or artlessly not used. (Keep in mind, after-effects and achievement of a artefact can be analytic adumbrated from a customer’s affidavit as able-bodied as anon stated).

Endorsements that don’t accomplish a ‘typical results’ affirmation don’t accept to be disclosed. For example, a bank chump accouterment an endorsement that “I just absolved in and hit the big jackpot… absolved out a winner!” The reasonable chump would accept that they cannot apprehend to hit the jackpot just by walking into a casino. Here are some added examples of claims that would charge to be able by boilerplate after-effects disclosures:

EXAMPLE: As a reseller of window and balustrade products, you abode a chump affidavit on your website whereby the chump avowal that he or she adored $100 per ages on his/her account bills. If a lot of barter alone save 1/3rd of that amount, again the ad accept to accommodate a bright acknowledgment that the boilerplate homeowner beneath the affairs depicted in the ad can about apprehend to save at or abreast $33 per month.

EXAMPLE: You allegorize e-book awning art and you broadcast chump testimonials on your website area one chump proclaims that his sales “exploded” afterwards appliance one of your designs on to alter an absolute e-book cover. The boilerplate chump will apparently not acquaintance an “explosion” in sales, so you charge to acknowledge what the about accepted after-effects would be. If a lot of barter do not accomplish any access in sales, you charge to acknowledge this.

EXAMPLE: Your business has developed and sells software acceptance carpeting and attic retailers to apparatus a basic banker blazon website area barter can appearance your artefact samples in a basic room. One of your customer’s endorses your artefact by advertence “my sales jumped over 50% in the aboriginal ages I began appliance this application. It was so easy!” If sales do not jump over 50% about speaking for all users of the software, you accept to acknowledge the about accepted after-effects your barter can expect.

EXAMPLE: You accomplish a website that sells a footfall by footfall affairs aimed at allowance affiliates access cartage to their websites. One of your barter provides an endorsement proclaiming “Traffic quadrupled about in actuality brief afterwards we followed your accomplish to success.” The reasonable chump would apparently betoken that his or her associate website ability see a cogent access in cartage appropriate abroad by appliance your program. You would charge to acknowledge about accepted after-effects in this archetype if your barter do not see a cogent access anon afterwards implementing your program.

You Accept to Accept Support for any Acknowledgment of About Accepted Results!

The advice you put in your acknowledgment (and claimed in any of your endorsements) accept to be backed by some credible, reliable measure, such as accurate studies, absolute time accurate achievement of your accomplished customers, a reliable and cold survey, etc. The basal band is the about accepted after-effects acknowledgment cannot be bogus or exaggerated.

Most importantly, you charge to accept that you should not use the endorsement if you do not apperceive or cannot aback up the about accepted results. If you don’t apperceive the about accepted performance, you charge to abstain appliance endorsements that may betoken or advance the endorsement after-effects are typical. You can alone use endorsements that accurate the endorser’s assessment afterwards getting able to actualize accepted results.

This does not beggarly your business has to in actuality conduct a accurate appearance abstraction or conduct a assay of every customer. It does not beggarly your business has to abide annihilation to the FTC. But, you cannot artlessly appraisal or assumption what the “generally expected” after-effects are. They accept to be substantiated, acceptation the abstracts has to appear from about aboveboard and reliable. This agency your business just ability accept to aggregate some abstracts or yield some accomplish to actuate this.

The FTC understands addition out the about accepted after-effects will entail costs associated with abstracts accumulating and analysis. However, they accomplish it bright that these costs are the aforementioned the advertiser would acquire if they were authoritative the ad directly. The FTC has anon declared that there is “no acumen why a new aggregation that ability not yet accept abstracts assuming how able-bodied its artefact performs should be accustomed to back a achievement affirmation through testimonials that it would not be able to actualize if it bogus that affirmation directly.” The basal band is that the FTC expects that businesses and advertisers apperceive the about accepted results.

5 Common Questions About Authoritative An Boilerplate After-effects FTC Disclosure

The FTC has provided comments in its revised guidelines that analyze the requirements on boilerplate after-effects disclosures and accommodate some absolute time guidance. This breakdown comes from absolute agents comments as well. You should accept the FTC’s angle back it will advice acknowledgment abounding questions you may accept afterwards account this section. A lot of importantly, you will accretion a abundant greater compassionate of how to abstract able accepted after-effects disclosures.

1. Do I accept to actualize an absolute assay or some abstraction and actualize some absolute algebraic boilerplate result?

FTC Viewpoint: No. The FTC uses the appellation “generally accepted results” rather than “average” in adjustment to back that this acknowledgment would not accept to be based on an exact algebraic boilerplate of all users of the product. However, you accept to apperceive what the absolute about accepted after-effects are by some reliable measure.

2. Do the “generally accepted results” I accept to acknowledge administer to every chump who purchases my products?

FTC Viewpoint: Not necessarily. According to the FTC’s comments, you are not appropriate to analyze a “typical consumer” of your artefact and again actuate what aftereffect that chump achieved. You are alone appropriate to acknowledge “the about accepted achievement in the depicted circumstances.” The FTC credibility out, as an example, that you could use after-effects “from accurate analytic studies of patients analogous the contour of the bodies depicted in some ad, even admitting consumers’ absolute apple after-effects are not acceptable to bout absolutely the after-effects in the analytic study.”

You can conduct a assay of a subgroup, provided the subgroup is adumbrative of the absolute chump pool. In added words, it cannot be bound to barter with the best results. For example, emailing accomplished barter to barometer achievement may alone adulterous a acknowledgment from annoyed customers. There has to be a added adumbrative and ample archetypal than that method.

3. Can I absolute my disclosures?

FTC Viewpoint: Yes. You can use the specific affairs of the ad to absolute the ambit of the boilerplate after-effects you accept to disclose. According to an archetype provided in the FTC’s comments, “if all of the testimonials acclimated in an advertisement are acutely articular as bodies who accept been associates of a weight accident dispensary for at atomic one year, the acknowledgment can be based on achievement abstracts from that group… ” This is actuality specific, of course.

If your business sells a affairs that may not be followed, the boilerplate or accepted after-effects ability be abrogating or actual low back a lot of of my barter don’t chase through or complete the program.

FTC Viewpoint: The FTC has declared that “The Commission recognizes that differences in analysis and charge will affect the after-effects that alone consumers will get from a accurate weight accident or exercise artefact or program. With allusive disclosures, consumers not alone would accept a astute faculty of what they can apprehend from a artefact or service, but could aswell yield abroad the bulletin that if they address themselves as abundant as the advocate did, they ability accomplish even more.”

Translation: This leaves the aperture accessible for you to authorize your disclaimers to announce that accomplishment or achievement of the affairs or a alternation of steps, instructions, etc. is all-important to accomplish the adapted after-effects claimed in the endorsement. By accomplishing so, you could potentially advice your conversions back barter will not automatically be led to accept accomplishing the after-effects claimed in the endorsement are not amazing or out of the question. In fact, this is a recommended convenance as continued as you are cautions and clear.

EXAMPLE: “We auspiciously accustomed our company’s business acclaim and acquired our aboriginal acclaim band in the bulk of $10,000 aural 2 months by just afterward the affairs footfall by step!”

Disclosure example: “Customers can about apprehend to authorize and accept business acclaim aural 8.5 months from the time they activate the program. The after-effects acquired in this endorsement do not reflect about accepted after-effects back these after-effects are due to factors controlled by the customer, such as chase through of anniversary affairs footfall and the clip at which anniversary footfall is completed and anniversary customer’s alone accomplishment and akin of desire.”

4. What happens if my business does not acquire the all-important advice to be able to acknowledge about accepted performance? Does this beggarly I cannot use any testimonials or endorsements whatsoever?

FTC Viewpoint: Yes. Abounding businesses/advertisers may not accept the advice accessible to them to be able to acknowledge the about accepted achievement of their artefact or account to consumers. You may alone use testimonials that action a accepted assessment afterwards accepting to acknowledge any about accepted performance. If any of your artefact testimonials or endorsement makes a affirmation about any specific aftereffect of your product, you accept to acknowledge the about accepted results.

EXAMPLE: “This affairs was the best affairs I accept anytime purchased.”

This does not crave you to use a acknowledgment back the endorsement represents a accepted assessment and does not accomplish a specific claim.

EXAMPLE: “My business acquired a abundant college business acclaim appraisement afterwards just two weeks of afterward the affairs steps.”

Again, this endorsement makes a specific affirmation about some specific result. The chump may apprehend that accepting college acclaim for their business is accessible afterwards alone 2 weeks. A acknowledgment accept to be made.

EXAMPLE: “This arrangement is easily down the a lot of complete arrangement we accept advised yet!”

This expresses addition assessment by the advocate of the arrangement apropos some aspect and does not back a affirmation of after-effects or about accepted performance.

5. Area do I stick my ‘Generally Accepted Results’ disclosures?

Considering the attributes of an endorsement, the acknowledgment should be placed next to or beneath the endorsement. As you accept apparently aggregate by now, there is no compatible acknowledgment back it is specific to the endorsement. The best disclosures are bright and straightforward. “Most barter can about apprehend to accomplish about 1/3 of the per ages balance claimed above.” Use the aforementioned admeasurement chantry as the endorsement argument and don’t try to adumbrate it. Use the attempt you abstruse above.

Given the adversity a lot of Internet businesses are traveling to accept in acquisition about accepted results, it is abundant safer to artlessly not to use endorsements that accommodate specific claims that aren’t typical. You will be demography a big adventitious the endorsement may advance a archetypal claim. This is abnormally accurate with endorsements that accomplish specific after-effects or balance claims.

Fun and Practical Tablet Apps for Seniors

Traditionally, we tend to accessory technology with the adolescent generation, yet, beforehand adults are decidedly accomplished with a ambit of avant-garde technology. For example, 59% of Americans age-old 65 and aloft go online and 77% of this citizenry use cellphones.

In fact, 23% of this citizenry actively play amateur application cellphones, computers or gaming systems.

Not alone do these abstracts announce cogent technology use, but the numbers are aswell continuing to grow.

In particular, tablets are an archetype of avant-garde technology that abounding seniors can use actual effectively.

The appellation book refers to touchscreen-based computers that tend to be ablaze and calmly portable. The iPad is one of the added acclaimed examples of these, although there are abounding others.

Because they are a blazon of computer, tablets accept their own operating arrangement and can run a ample amount of applications (apps), including abounding altered games.

Tablets may ambit from a awning admeasurement of about 5 inches all the way up to about 10 inches, with awning sizes from 7 to 10 inches accepting the a lot of common.

Most tablets will run either an Apple or an Android operating system. Abounding apps will be present in the food for both types of tablets, but some will alone be offered by one of the stores. A lot of of the apps I’m discussing actuality are present in both stores, and I specify the cases area this isn’t true.

The blow awning interface of these accessories tends to be almost simple for seniors to apprentice and abounding of them tend to aces up on what to do actual easily. Beyond tablets plan best for seniors, abnormally those with poor eyesight, as these accept beyond chantry sizes and the onscreen buttons tend to be bigger.

Many humans try to acquisition the best Apple or Android apps for seniors, but with so abounding options out there, it can be a ambrosial ambagious task.


For caregivers and for seniors, tablets can be ambrosial in a amount of ways.

One important aspect is that the amateur on tablets can accumulate seniors mentally active, abnormally as some amateur can be challenging. Research has adumbrated that cerebral action may be one key basal in allowance to abatement the abrogating furnishings of crumbling on cognition. Addition address is that book amateur can accord seniors something to do with their additional time, befitting them entertained and engaged.

With so abounding altered types of amateur accessible for tablets, you should be able to acquisition amateur that plan for any senior, with a little bit of searching. This can be decidedly important for caregivers who wish a little bit of a break.

In some cases, book apps can even be a way of befitting seniors socially engaged, as some amateur acquiesce for assorted online players or abutment advice amid individuals.Likewise, seniors may play the aforementioned amateur as one another, alms them the adventitious to allocution to anniversary added about the games.


As you adeptness expect, there is a bit of a acquirements ambit with tablets.

Some seniors will be able to aces up on how to use tablets and amateur easily. Others will charge added teaching.

The capital affair that you may charge to advise seniors is the basics of interacting with a tablet.

Tablets use blow screens, which are simple to understand. However, seniors do charge to apprentice how to blow the awning to get the adapted aftereffect and apprentice the impacts that their accomplishments accept on the device.

Seniors generally apprentice to use the blow awning almost easily, but may sometimes acquisition specific tasks challenging.

For example, one aged woman I apperceive can use a book for a amount of amateur after any assistance, but still has agitation unlocking the tablet.

Likewise, you may acquisition that you accept to advise some concepts assorted times.

Some seniors may be able to amount out amateur intuitively, but others may charge to be accomplished how to play specific games. This may be a amount of sitting down with them and dispatch them through any new bold they start.

At the end of the day, this is something you’ll accept to amount out on a case-by-case basis. As seniors get bigger at application tablets, you’ll acquisition that they aces up new amateur added calmly and charge beneath advice in general.


The ambit of apps and amateur for tablets can be daunting.

For example, some of the categories cover puzzle, word, casual, agenda and lath amateur – and that isn’t even counting the added applied apps, like audiobook players and eBook readers.

This can be ambrosial cutting even if you alone wish to acquisition a few acceptable apps. The recommendations in this commodity appear from talking to seniors and their families, and aswell from searching online, to amount out which apps are a lot of acceptable for seniors.

While abounding seniors can play any game, the accent actuality is on apps that are almost simple to aces up and apprentice – to accommidate seniors who may attempt with some elements of application a tablet.

This column will present a amount of altered brawl and applied apps for Android and Apple devices, and aswell altercate the assorted appearance that accomplish some apps added acceptable than others for the chief in your family. All apps discussed are chargeless unless contrarily noted.

While there are abounding added apps out there, this account can act as a acceptable jumping point for accepting seniors into tablets.


Angry Birds Rio (for Apple and Android) is a addle game, but the simple controls and fun cartoon accomplish it a acceptable aces for seniors. The basal aim of the bold is to use a ballista and beating down barrio and there are abounding added amateur in the Angry Birds range, and they are all ambrosial similar. As with abounding games, this app is hit or miss, some seniors will adulation it, others will not be absorbed at all.

Farmville 2: Country Escape (for Apple and Android) is a acreage bold with an accent on growing crops and earning money. Farmville has admiring ample audiences through Facebook and this accurate app is Farmville’s book offering. It is a bold that requires strategy, account and planning, so it adeptness not be acceptable for all seniors. However, I apperceive a amount of seniors who adore the bold and like the way that it keeps them thinking. Additionally, this bold has a amusing element, acceptance players to accompany a co-op, area they can advice one addition and babble to one another. I’ve apparent players get so bent up in the babble that they almost blow the blow of the game.

Peggle Blast (for Apple and Android) is harder to explain, but the bold basically involves application a brawl to beating out pegs. Peggle looks complicated at first, but the bold is simple to aces up and can be a lot of fun after accepting confusing. Peggle Blast is the chargeless adaptation of the game, and has in-app purchases. The aboriginal bold and its aftereffect (Peggle and Peggle Nights) are both aswell accessible on Android and Apple. These versions amount to purchase, but are bigger in the long-run.

The Sims Freeplay (for Apple and Android) is a adaptation of the Sims franchise, although a lot of seniors apparently haven’t heard of the franchise. This is a task-based bold area users body families and forward characters (Sims) on tasks. It requires beneath action than Farmville, but both amateur crave cat-and-mouse for tasks to finish. This is a accepted admission in abounding agnate games, and makes for adequate bold play, area you set it up and appear aback later.


Block Puzzle (for Android) is is a addle bold area users accept to fit blocks aural a shape. It is simple to accept but can get arduous as humans advance through the game. While this specific app seems to be Android only, there are abounding agnate apps in both Android and Apple stores.

Clevermind ($2.99 for Apple) is accurately advised for humans with Alzheimer’s disease. It includes a ambit of functions for entertainment, including games, trivia and a journal. Additionally, the app allows for articulation alternation and can be acclimated to browse the internet in a added convenient manner.

Jigsaw Puzzles Epic (for Apple and Android) is a acceptable book best for puzzles, although there are abounding agnate apps out there. Jigsaw puzzles are a absurd advantage for seniors, and accomplishing them on the book is an easier advantage than demography up the active allowance with a puzzle. Jigsaw Puzzles Epic is a chargeless app that comes with a ample amount of puzzles. Users can accept how abounding pieces their addle is (from 4 to 400) and aswell whether the pieces of the addle can circle or not. Added puzzles can be purchased from the in-game store, but the chargeless puzzles should endure a lot of users for a continued time.

Word Seek Puzzles (for Apple and Android) is one of abounding babble seek apps out there. It has ample argument and is simple to use, authoritative it a acceptable advantage for seniors. However, it does not accept a ambience for difficulty, so it adeptness not plan for everyone.

Words With Accompany (for Apple and Android) is a turn-based amusing bold that plays like Scrabble. The amusing aspect of the bold comes from the way that you play adjoin added people, demography turns with them. The bold aswell gives you the adeptness to babble to the humans you are arena against, which can be acceptable if seniors are arena adjoin friends. The chargeless adaptation has ads, which can be a pain, but the amusing aspect of the bold can be ambrosial to seniors.


Kindle (for Apple and Android) is one archetype of an eBook reader, although there are abounding added apps with agnate functions. Kindle can be a acceptable choice, as affairs books through the app (or online) is almost simple and the prices are generally reasonable. In fact, you can buy Kindle apps from the Amazon store. A lot of apps for eBook account accept options to accomplish the book easier to read, such as accretion chantry admeasurement or altering the contrast. Application this blazon of app can be a abundant way for seniors to apprehend and the app gives you the adeptness to accomplish any book into a ample book book.

Audible (for Apple and Android) is one of abounding apps for arena audiobooks. As with Kindle, this app makes it simple to buy books, and both Kindle and Audible are angry into Amazon. The books can be a bit on the big-ticket side, but Audible offers a account plan that gives users one audiobook per ages and 30% off all added audiobooks. This is a abundant advantage for seniors who accept agitation account (or don’t wish to).

Although it’s associates based ($7.99/month), Netflix is a abundant way for seniors to watch movies and television shows. Its adversary Hulu is aswell a acceptable advantage ($7.99/month for Hulu Plus, chargeless for basal Hulu), as Hulu generally has added archetypal shows than Netflix offers. If you accept arrangement subscription, you may be able to admission added apps, like HBO Go, which let you beck agreeable from specific networks. Both of these apps are for Apple and Android devices.


Big Launcher ($10.00 for Android) creates a new home awning for Android accessories which abundant beyond icons. This can enhance readability for seniors who attempt to see icons on devices, decidedly on abate devices. A audience adaptation of the app is aswell available. This is one of the almost few Apple or Android apps for seniors that has in actuality accurately been advised for this population, with CleverMind (above) accepting addition one.


We’ve talked about a amount of altered apps here, but we’ve alone aching the surface.

Both Apple and Android accept immense food that are consistently adapted with new apps. This agency the options for Apple and Android apps for seniors are ambrosial abundant endless.


One of the aboriginal things to attending at if acrimonious apps is to analyze the blazon of app the chief may enjoy.

For example, some seniors adore games, while others adore apps that claiming them mentally.

Knowing the blazon (or types) of app to attending for can advice you to attenuated down what you need. This may yield balloon and error, and patience.

Additionally, if you apperceive the blazon of app, you can generally use the seek action aural the abundance itself to acquisition what you are searching for. For example, you adeptness accept to seek ‘card games’ or ‘word search’, which would accord you a account of apps that abatement beneath these terms. The admission isn’t precise, as it is searching for words in the appellation of the app, but it works able-bodied for accepted categories of apps.

You can aswell attending at categories and subcategories of apps.

For example, in the Google Play abundance (Android’s app store), amateur is one class and some of its subcategories include: board, card, casual, addle and word.

When chief on apps, the brilliant appraisement can aswell accord an adumbration of app quality.

Typically four or 5 brilliant apps are account aggravating while annihilation three stars or beneath is questionable.

In abounding cases though, it may be a case of downloading apps and aggravating them out.

I don’t acclaim this for paid apps, but there is a huge amount of chargeless apps in the apps food that you can accept from.


Many seniors will be bound in what apps they can adore because of concrete or brainy issues.

Thinking about these limitations can advice you to amount out what types of apps adeptness be a lot of ill-fitted for them.

For example, seniors who accept problems with their apparition adeptness account from audiobooks instead of eBooks. Seniors who accept declining audition can use a angle with the book (which makes things beneath annoying for you too). This makes it easier for them to apprehend what is traveling on.

From the brainy perspective, some seniors will attempt with amateur that are circuitous or arduous mentally, while others will not accept an issue.

This agency that you may accept to attending for amateur that are simple to play.

This is decidedly accurate for humans with dementia, as they can become balked easily. Yet, they can adore simple games. For example, one abstraction begin that bingo could access brainy activity in participants with Alzheimer’s disease.

Other types of amateur that can plan cover addle games, simple analogous amateur and amateur like the Clevermind app I discussed earlier.

At present, there are few apps accessible that were accurately developed for seniors, but this is changing. Research is alpha to focus on developing amateur for seniors. Hopefully this agency that added amateur will be accessible in the future.

Nevertheless, abounding of the amateur advised for added age groups are still actual acceptable for seniors.

Certainly, seniors absolutely can adore amateur on tablets, even admitting their accomplishment levels can alter dramatically.

For example, an aged woman I apperceive plays Angry Birds, because the controls are almost simple to use. Although she enjoys the game, she doesn’t absolutely accept the physics or action abaft it, so ends up repeating levels frequently.

In contrast, my dad has dementia, yet he is still able to play blackjack online (quite auspiciously too, I adeptness add), which continues to abruptness the family. It accept to be because of years spent arena blackjack in absolute casinos – but it’s a able adumbration that seniors can be able of added than we imagine.


Many book amateur use a archetypal alleged freemium.

This agency that the bold itself is free, but some things aural it may cost. A accepted archetype is items to acceleration up time in amateur like The Sims Freeplay and Farmville Country Escape.

If this is acceptable to be an issue, it is accessible to about-face off in-app purchasing on your accessory to accomplish abiding no one accidentally spends money in games.

Alternatively, you can accomplish abiding apps consistently ask for a countersign if any acquirement is made.

You will aswell acquisition some chargeless amateur abutment themselves through ads – which can get annoying fast.

In some cases, you can pay to accept the ads removed, but not all amateur abutment this.

I’ve begin that in general, paid amateur are generally bigger because they aren’t aggravating as harder to get money out of users (they already got paid if you bought the game). So, if you acquisition a paid bold with acceptable reviews that looks promising, don’t address it off just because it costs.


Most of the amateur that seniors will play on tablets aren’t decidedly accelerated in agreement of cartoon or processing power.

Because of this, accepting a acceptable book for a chief doesn’t accept to be an big-ticket investment.

In fact, if you accept technically absent humans in your continued family, you may be able to get one as a hand-me-down.

For example, I apperceive a brace who afresh upgraded to newer and faster tablets for claimed use.

Their antecedent tablets concluded up accepting able to their mothers. This provided a absurd addition into tablets for the seniors, after costing anyone any money.

Additionally, a lot of of the apps discussed actuality can aswell be begin for Android and Apple smartphones. Smartphones tend to accept a abundant abate screen, so aren’t acceptable for all seniors, but they do action an another to tablets for seniors who accept acceptable eyesight.


Tablets can be a admirable way of befitting seniors entertained, and there are so abounding altered apps available.

In this column I’ve focused mostly on apps that I accept had acquaintance with and accept apparent seniors using, but there are abounding added out there. If you accept added account for apps for seniors, amuse let me apperceive in the comments below.

More than anything, the ambush to award the absolute apps for seniors is to appoint them in the alternative process.

This will let you see what they are a lot of absorbed in and what blazon of amateur they adore the most.